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None of us like to imagine not being around to protect and care for our loved ones.

However that time is inevitable and it is not too soon to start planning.

The Silvertime Legal team have many years experience in the field of estate planning covering the West Midlands, East Midlands, Yorkshire, Shropshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Kent.

Our help and guidance will ensure you are able to protect your estate for
your family’s future. Taking the correct steps now means that you, not intestacy law, will be the one determining who benefits from your estate after you pass.


We care deeply about providing the highest level of service to all. We want our clients to feel safe when discussing how to protect their estate from third party claims. Our goal is to understand your objective before recommendations are made.

Our ethos is to:

  • Listen
  • Inform
  • Guide
  • Provide bespoke solutions

Here’s what a few of our previous clients have said:

  • Excellent service. Punctual and patient when answering our questions. Explained everything we wanted to know and offered advice on other products we may find useful without being pushy.
  • Showed honesty, integrity, knowledge and efficiency, so very pleased with my experience.
  • No request is too much or too little and no question is ‘stupid’. Shows a great deal of knowledge which is shared clearly and openly. Thank you!

Simple Wills

The proportion of UK residents who don’t currently have a valid Will has reached an all time high. It is estimated that around 31 million of us haven’t made provision for what will happen to our estate once we pass.

If you don’t have a Will the law will decide who inherits your estate once you are gone. Do you really want to risk that happening?

Silvertime Legal will help you create a straightforward Will that reflects your wishes.


Society Of Will Writers

Trust Wills

Trust Wills are the best way of ‘ring fencing’ assets.

Often used by couples, they ensure that instead of assets (property for example) passing automatically to the surviving spouse, they are held instead in a Trust. This protects these assets should the surviving partner choose to remarry or need long term care in the future.

There are many factors to consider when thinking about making a will, Silvertime Legal will be able to advise you on the best way to protect your assets.

Property Trust Wills

These are designed to preserve the value of your property for the benefit of future generations – not merely a spouse/partner.

You will need to appoint trustees to manage the trust after your death.

Your spouse/partner (or anyone else you specify) will be able to live in the property for the remainder of their life (or receive a lifetime income). Meanwhile the value of your share of the property is protected against any future care home fee needs of your surviving co-owner, meaning future generations will receive the full share.

Silvertime Legal will work with you create an appropriate trust and help you choose suitable trustees.

Lasting Power of Attorneys

We are all living longer lives and sadly this does mean that there may come a time when your mental capacity may be reduced to such a level that you are deemed incapable of dealing with your own affairs.

But a serious accident, stroke or illness could rob you of mental capacity at any age.

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document whereby you appoint a person who will take over your affairs in the event your mental capacity is diminished.

Without an LPA your loved ones would need to apply to the court system which may lead to an appointment of a deputy. This can be costly, time consuming and could result in the appointment of someone you may not have wished to see manage your affairs.

Silvertime Legal can help you set up both health & welfare and property & finance LPAs with minimum of fuss and expense.

Probate Services

When a loved one has passed, even if they have a correctly drawn up Will, it is highly likely that a Grant of Probate will be required.

For example a Grant of Probate is usually required (amongst other things) to:

  • Sell a property
  • Collect, sell or transfer shares
  • Close a bank account
  • Make a claim on a life insurance policy

Most people prefer someone else to deal with a Grant of Probate as it can be a lengthy process.  We provide a fixed fee probate service and will come out to you in your time of need.

Funeral Planning

The average cost of a funeral is £4721 for a standard cremation and £4798 for a standard burial (figures courtesy of Sun Life’s 2018 Cost of Dying Report).

That’s a lot of money by anyone’s measure and it makes sense to plan and fund your funeral in advance – this will lessen the burden on your loved ones and remove any uncertainty about your wishes.

Silvertime Legal can help you identify and put in place a suitable plan.

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